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Unfortunately, domestic violence cases can often lead to numerous other criminal charges. An individual charged with domestic battery may be compelled to meet with the alleged victim or discuss the situation with them. While they may believe this is the best way to resolve matters, the other individual may accuse them of stalking, violating a protection order, or even trespassing on a property they used to share.

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What type of penalties am I facing?

Trespassing charges should be taken seriously. Even though it may seem like a minor incident, when these charges are combined with domestic violence charges, the penalties can life-altering. Furthermore, being accused of another criminal act may sway the jury on your guilt, creating an uphill battle for you in the courtroom.

Individuals can be accused of trespassing can take all types of forms, such as:

  • Protesting on public property
  • Loitering outside of a home, workplace, or store
  • Enter into a home or workplace without permission

In order for these actions to be consider trespassing, they must interfere with the property owner's rights. You may be facing up to six months in county jail and fine of up to $1,000 for trespassing charges. If you are accused of committing aggravated trespassing, you will be charged with felony trespass. For example, if you broke into a spouse's, or ex-spouse's home or workplace and were accused of threatening to injure them, it is considered a more serious crime. This means you could be facing between 16 months and 3 years in jail.

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