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Whether you were involved in a misunderstanding or didn't realize your actions could be considered criminal, the Nicholson Law Offices is prepared to help. We understand how easily stalking charges can get slammed against an individual accused of committing domestic violence, especially when heated family situations are involved. No matter what the circumstances are regarding your stalking charges, be sure to call on our Redwood City criminal defense attorneys for aggressive representation.

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Building a Defense Against Your Stalking Accusations

A majority of individuals accused of stalking have relationships with the alleged victims. This could include a spouse or ex-spouse, a child, or even a roommate. When a restraining or protective order is in place due to domestic violence charges, an individual can become focused on explaining their side of the case to the victim, pursuing a meeting with them even though they can be arrested. Even a simple misunderstanding could lead to charges of stalking, making any previous criminal charges you have against you even more serious.

You could be facing the following penalties for stalking:

  • A year in county jail
  • Probation time
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • Additional penalties

If you are convicted of felony stalking, you could have to spend up to five years in jail and register as a sex offender. Stalking is consider the action of willfully following, harassing, or threatening another individual with the purpose of causing them to fear their safety.

In order to prove stalking, the prosecution must be able to demonstrate that you made a credible threat against the alleged victim. Since most charges come out of a frustrated or overly anxious family member or domestic partner, it can be proven that the accused made no real threat. You will need an experienced defense team on your side to help you fight these charges.

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