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A lot of media focus has been on stories revolving around kidnapping, and accusations of kidnapping are not taken lightly by law enforcement officials and prosecutors. If you have been charged with kidnapping or if you are under investigation for this offense, it is absolutely imperative that you immediately retain the assistance of a Redwood City domestic violence attorney from our firm.

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California Law For Kidnapping

The state of California has numerous laws in place to ensure that individuals who have been convicted of this crime receive steep penalties. When a report of kidnapping is filed, the entire state may get involved.

A system called "Amber Alert" has been implemented in California to deter and catch kidnappers and stop abductions. The penalties for kidnappers have increased significantly in recent years as well. If you have been charged with this offense, you need to have Nicholson Law Offices on your side right away. According to California law, kidnapping is the use of force, fear, or deceit to intentionally lure someone into a place with the intent of holding him or her captive.

Even simple kidnapping charges are still prosecuted as felony crimes, and if you are convicted, you could face years in prison. Aggravated kidnapping is also charged as a felony, and it carries the potential sentence of life imprisonment.

Fighting Kidnapping Charges

While this time in your life may seem confusing and upsetting, it is necessary that you retain an experienced legal professional to represent you through your trial. Felony cases will be aggressively prosecuted, and your future, rights, and freedoms are on the line. At Nicholson Law Offices, we have 15 years of experience handling domestic violence cases and we can represent you in any court in Redwood City, San Jose, or Walnut Creek.

Defenses are available for this charge, and having Nicholson Law Offices working for you can help you receive a favorable case result. If you have been arrested, schedule a free case evaluation with our firm right away. Contact our Redwood City domestic violence laywers to get started.

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